Online Teaching Center Project Specialist

An Online Teaching Center Project Specialists assists in offering support to the Missionary Department to improve online finding and teaching efforts. Project Specialists are responsible for the training and support of Referral Secretaries in carrying out the responsibilities of their assignment. This includes but is not limited to: responding to emails requesting assistance with unassigned or uncontacted referrals, meeting remotely with Referral Secretaries to provide instruction on using Area Book Planner Web, and working with Referral Secretaries on the use and improvement of Teaching Area Maps. 

Project Specialists are also responsible for overseeing implementation of various projects in Area Book Planner Web, such as: creating or extending Routing Rules to protect missionaries serving online, reviewing online chats taken from missionaries in Visitors’ Centers, expediting the delivery of unassigned referrals to missionaries in-field, translating resources into a variety of languages, and moderating official Church Facebook pages if needed. 



Online Teaching Center Specialist Hiring Status

*Please Note: There are times when we are not actively interviewing applicants. Do not let that discourage you from applying. We would love to reach out when our hiring needs allow. Also, we highly recommend that you apply for other areas.